Batman and Catwoman

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Batman/Catwoman Fanfic
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Everything about the Dark Knight & the Feline Fatale
This community, created by lclaire, is for us Batman/Catwoman shippers. Even though this comm is called batcat_fic feel free to post icons, fanart, manips, images you come across, whatever you want as long as it's related to these two. Now, of course, when I say Batman/Catwoman I also mean Bruce Wayne/Selina Kyle. Anything and everything reguarding these two is welcome. There isn't an NC-17 limit or anything, just make sure you put a rating and an lj-cut on anything that might be considered 'adult.' Large pictures should also be put behind an lj-cut. If you need help doing this please consult the livejournal FAQ.

If you have any other questions feel free to ask. ^_^

batmanxcatwoman- For everything Batman/Catwoman related in any universe; our sister community!! ^_^

dcu_freeforall- DCU Fanfic/Fanart Challenge Community.

batfic_contest- Challenge Community that holds bi-weekly fan fiction contests for all Batman fandoms.

batfic_betas- Find a beta/offer to beta for Batman fanfiction.

cat_scratches- For Catwoman fans.

gotham_times- For daily Batman related updates.

darkknightfic- Fanfiction and fanworks for The Dark Knight franchise.

batcat_rises- Batman/Catwoman Shipping Community centered around The Dark Knight Rises but any and all versions of the pairing are welcomed

arrow_canary- For everything Green Arrow/Black Canary related in any universe.

- For Harley Quinn fans who prefer her flying solo.

Feel free to use the image below to link back to the community:

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